London is Kew-tiful

Situated southwest of Central London is a botanical garden that has the “largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections of the world.” ( http://www.kew.org).

Founded in 1840 but started in 1759, Kew Gardens has more than 30,000 different kinds of plants and too many to count preserved plant specimens. Their library contains volumes and volumes of plant illustrations, prints and drawings. And yes it is a world heritage site.

Its 300 acres of it has plenty of gardens, botanical glass houses, four Grade I listed buildings and 36 Grade II listed structures all landscaped to almost perfection. 

This collage are just but a few of its colourful and serene delights. A day visit is not enough. 

I don’t know why.

But everytime I pass you by,

My heart goes pitapat.

I feel exhilarated.

I see butterflies and rainbows.

I want to sing and dance.

And the smile can not be concealed.

Swiss Alps

Seated behind the bus driver has its perks. Vantage point: Perfect! 

Goodness me! I felt that the red carpet rolled out for my coming! 

Lake Thun

Aerial view of Interlaken and Wilderswill

View from my room. 

As soon as I put down my bags, I was literally jumping about. Opened the windows and was a goner. I can’t believe that the Alps is right in front of my eyes! I breathe its crisp air. Walk its ground. My heart felt like I went on a roller coaster ride.

Around Interlaken. Yes they have cows and their bells grazing/lazing around the park.


Whether I turn left or right, there is something that renders me stupefied. Even their old kitschy train station.

Top: River Aare

So off we went and rode the funicular to their highest town peak- Harder Kulm. 

View from 1322 meters atop the Harder Kulm – Lake Brienz and mountains Faulhorn and Reeti

And this…(gasp!) I can’t breathe!!! Help!

No words…@11am  Can I assume that this is Niesen mountain?

And this is Morgenberghorn mountain?

The troop at Harder Kulm

It was a good decision to go quite early as it became windy soon after. Actually it was already windy I can feel that I was swaying on the viewing platform/look out.

Ah if I can only bottle you up like a scent, a billionaire I’ll become. But alas! That is not the case. For who am I to withold the Almighty God’s wonders for others to partake? So through this space I share.”- Crazyforasiandrama 😊

Where is Lorelie?

Katz Castle(m-l), Rhienfels Castle(b-l), St. Goar

Oh what a surprise you are!

Please forgive me.

Castle Gutenfels(u-r), Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station(b-l)

I did not come prepared.

I was just looking without knowing anything.

Castle Maus, Rhine

Those defying gravity vineyards of yours.

Are just charming as can be.

Is this where those lovely Boppard Eiswein came from?

It was a only but a short glimpse though.

I even missed the eponymous Lorelie Rocks.

Nevertheless, it was a fun cold jaunt.

Sunrise in the Rhine

And as I bid farewell to you,

This I vow, 

I will come again,

Middle Rhine.

With Thanks

Life is fragile.

Bestowed by the Almighty.

Do not take it lightly.

Nor question.

For there is a reason.

Humbly accept without guile.





It is a mumbo jumbo life

At last!!!

I have managed to remember my login.

I can mumble…






…i’m considering….

I am super annoyed at the moment at my primary blogsite.  I can’t get through it for the last 5 hours.  So I am thinking of tranferring all my ramblings here.  I had this space since February and still stagnant because my simple mind can’t assimilate all the data and features of wordpress.  It does now seem that I may need to…so please excuse the glitches that I may unknowingly commit as I try to navigate my way around like a blind puppy.

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